Get to know our team, values, and the passion that drives us in the world of commercial realty. Learn how our expertise and dedication make us the go-to partner for your real estate needs in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

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RYZO (pronounced RYE-zoh), from the Greek rhiza, means “root.”  This term frames our approach and represents how we help our clients succeed in commercial real estate. Roots provide stability and facilitate growth, and the best example in nature also happens to be the largest living organism on the planet: a grove of aspen trees in Utah with an interconnected root system. The root structure not only anchors the existing trees, but also generates future growth and expansion.

Our role as a commercial real estate broker operates in the same way. We help anchor our clients’ success by providing steady research, evaluation, and guidance for their transaction. Our expertise with both straightforward and complex real estate goals allows us to save our clients time and money. By helping amplify their profitability, we help clients create new avenues for growth and success.

Our team

Meet the talented professionals behind RYZO. Our team comprises seasoned experts in commercial real estate, each dedicated to providing you with tailored solutions and personalized service.


Tyler Van Eps

As the founder and owner of RYZO Commercial Realty, Tyler is responsible…


Ari King

Ari is a licensed real estate agent in Minnesota with over a…

Senior Advisor

Jaime Smith

Jaime Smith is a licensed commercial real estate agent drawing on years…

Senior Advisor

Jon Helle

Jon Helle is a licensed commercial real estate agent and has over…

Senior Advisor

Grant Bradley

Grant Bradley serves as the Senior Advisor for Ryzo Commercial Real Estate…


Amy Hotter

Amy Hotter is a licensed commercial real estate agent in Wisconsin. She…

Our Services

RYZO offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services to meet your diverse needs. Whether you’re searching for the perfect property, looking to maximize your real estate investments, or seeking specialized healthcare realty solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Tenant/Buyer Services, Landlord/Seller Services, Investment Property Services: Explore our array of services designed to support your unique goals and requirements.

And for our specialized Healthcare Services, tailored exclusively to the healthcare industry, click the button below to discover how we can address your specific real estate needs.

Tenant/buyer services

Property Evaluation

Building Purchase

Lease Negotiation

Lease Renewal Assistance

Landlord/seller services

Property Evaluation

Listing & Marketing

Negotiation Expertise

Closing Support

Investment property services

Investment Analysis

Due Diligence Support

Negotiation & Deal Structuring

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring