Discover tailored solutions for your healthcare real estate needs, backed by our specialized knowledge and proven success in the industry.

Elevate Your Healthcare Realty Experience

Explore our wide range of healthcare specialties. We’re here to cater to your unique needs, whether you’re in dental, medical, veterinary, optometric, chiropractic, mental health, or beyond.


Find the perfect location for your dental practice.


Optimize your medical facility's real estate.


Discover ideal spaces for veterinary clinics.


Tailored solutions for optometric practices.


Secure locations for chiropractic clinics.

Mental Health

Specialized spaces for mental health professionals.

Why Choose RYZO for Your Healthcare Specialty?

Discover why RYZO is your top choice for healthcare realty. Our specialized brokers are dedicated to your specific field, delivering tailored solutions that lead to success. Here’s why so many healthcare practices trust us to help with their real estate:

  • Specialized Expertise: RYZO specializes in healthcare realty, offering in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our brokers understand the unique needs of healthcare specialties, ensuring customized solutions.
  • Proven Success: Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous satisfied clients in your field.

Explore our upcoming case studies to witness our expertise in action.

Our Tenant/Buyer Services

At RYZO, we understand the complexities of the healthcare industry, and we offer comprehensive tenant and buyer services tailored to your needs. Our goal is to make your journey toward the ideal healthcare property as seamless as possible. We help provide critical services from start to finish during your transaction:

  • Market analysis – We can provide demographic information and supply data on pricing and rate trends in your search area. We can coordinate with your team to utilize tools like patient heat mapping or competitive analysis.

  • Property identification – Our team scours the market to uncover every possible opportunity, narrowing the results to a custom selection of properties that meet your goals.

  • Property tours – We maximize your time by efficiently touring your top options. Along the way, we provide critical insights for the suitability of the property for your practice.

  • Negotiation – Our team is comprised of the top healthcare real estate negotiators in the market, ensuring you get the best possible terms for your practice.

  • Due diligence – We work with your team to ensure your property is thoroughly vetted so that you have full confidence it’s the right property for your practice.

Tenant/buyer services

Property Identification

Building Purchase

Lease Negotiation

Lease Renewal Assistance

Market Analysis

Property Tours

Due Diligence

Building Your Team

Building the right team to help with your practice (or project) can be a major step toward success. As experts in healthcare real estate, we have collaborated with dozens of professionals that support practices before, during, and after a real estate transaction. We can work with your team or get you connected with healthcare-specific industry leaders in any of the following areas:

Our Tenant/Buyer Process

At RYZO, we guide you through a proven process to meet your healthcare real estate goals. Whether you’re buying a property or leasing space, our tailored approach ensures your success at every stage of the journey.

Define your search area:

Clearly identify the geographic locations and trade areas that align with your preferences and needs.

Explore the options:

Access a wide range of available properties that match your criteria. Our team can ensure every option is considered and can help develop creative solutions in areas with limited inventory.


Benefit from our expertise in assessing lease rates, property values, market conditions, and site suitability.


Leverage our skilled negotiators to secure the best terms and pricing. Our team has worked on leases and purchases of all sizes and can ensure you get the best possible terms.


Experience a seamless and efficient closing process as we work with your team of professionals such as attorney, title company, and more.

Our Other Services

In addition to our healthcare specialization, RYZO offers services for landlords, sellers, and investors. Explore our services, which include leasing, valuation, acquisition, portfolio analysis, and exit strategy planning.

Landlord/seller services

Property Evaluation

Listing & Marketing

Negotiation Expertise

Closing Support

Investment property services

Investment Analysis

Due Diligence Support

Negotiation & Deal Structuring

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring

Client Testimonials