Grant Bradley

Grant Bradley serves as the Senior Advisor for Ryzo Commercial Real Estate in the state of Wisconsin. With a background in real estate, Grant initiated his career at CARR, a prominent national healthcare real estate firm. During his tenure at CARR, he navigated the diverse landscape of healthcare verticals across Wisconsin, providing invaluable assistance to hundred’s of healthcare professionals in the Dental, Veterinary, Optometry, Medical, and Therapy industries.

Before venturing into the real estate sector, Grant accumulated over 12 years of experience working with Fortune 200 companies, showcasing his expertise in high-level negotiations. His multifaceted background equips him with a unique skill set, enabling him to bring strategic insights and a wealth of industry knowledge to all healthcare professionals that need help with their real estate needs.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Grant, along with his wife, calls Madison, WI, home. Embracing an active lifestyle, they find joy in biking, camping, and golfing, as well as engaging in various outdoor activities. This passion for the outdoors reflects Grant’s well-rounded approach to life, combining his dedication to work with a commitment to a balanced and fulfilling personal life.